Tom Tapley

Hailing from the great state of Alabama, producer/engineer Tom Tapley grew up in an artistic family where music was his creative outlet and the influence that would shape his life and career.  Tom’s interest in engineering began in his teens and grew from the desire to achieve a better recording for his band.  He built a 4-track studio in the barn where his father made knives and began sniffing out the mechanics of recording.  His interest peaked in 2002 and upon graduation from college Tom left Montgomery and headed east.  Wanting to remain true to his southern roots, Tom emerged in the music capital of the south, Atlanta, Georgia.  Upon arrival in Atlanta, Tom acquired a job as house engineer at an R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop studio called Silent Sound.  Here he sharpened his engineering chops recording music with artists like Destiny’s Child, T.I., The Counting Crows and Elton John.

With aspirations in a different genre of music, Tom had to satisfy his rock ’n’ roll appetite.  This hunger landed him on the doorstep of one of the most famous rock studios in the South, Southern Tracks.  In 2004 he was hired to be chief engineer, but quickly proved himself an indispensible cohort of Nick DiDia and world famous, multi-platinum selling, Grammy-award winning producer Brendan O’Brien.  Tom had the privilege of becoming part of O’Brien’s elite team and for the next five years engineered records for Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Incubus, Augustana, Trey Anastasio, Audioslave, Train, Velvet Revolver, The Offspring, The Wallflowers, Billy Talent, The Bravery, and Mastodon.

During his tenure at Southern Tracks Tom also engineered records for Third Day, Rose Hill Drive, Zach Deputy, Joe Perry, The Indigo Girls, Earl Klugh, and Killswitch Engage brandishing his talent and diversity.  It was also during this time that Tom was nominated for two Grammy’s.  One in 2007 for Decemberadio’s Self-Titled debut and again in 2008 for After Edmund’s “Hello.”

After years of success at the helm of Southern Tracks, Tom left in 2009 to pursue another true calling of his heart, country music.  In the last few years Tom has been splitting his time between Nashville and Atlanta working with the likes of Sugarland, Faith Hill, Martina McBride and super producer Byron Gallimore.  He also contributes his exceptional talents producing hits for indie artists, The Goldest, Dead Rabbits, Six Shot Revival, and Zruda.

In 2011 Tom mixed Tom Morello’s critically acclaimed The Nightwatchman “World Wide Rebel Songs” and Atlanta’s bluegrass sensation The Mosier Brothers Band “On My Way.”  He also engineered the smash collaboration of Sugarland and Lady GaGa’s “You and I.”

Currently Tom is the right arm of production wizard Kristian Bush and runs a private studio out of Decatur, Georgia.  He’s involved in publishing and song production with a variety of artists spanning the genres he’s showcased throughout his illustrious career.

When asked what he deems the most important aspects of what he does, Tom says, “there is no right or wrong in the studio, as long as you’re serving the song.  Studio time is about the musician…if they’re happy and free to be creative and flow, then the song will find its way to me naturally.”

Tom is managed by King Music Group, Inc.  For bookings contact:  Stephanie Wallin 404-403-7553 or

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