Jason Kingsland

Engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Jason Kingsland comes from a diverse musical background.  Growing up in Texas everything from Led Zeppelin to Al Green to opera to classical could be heard emanating from the speakers of his dad’s Plymouth Voyager.  But it would be a gift from his Nashville session player Uncle that would really ignite his passion for music.  After receiving the tricked out Yamaha bass that had previously been run over by his uncle’s roommate, Jason immersed himself in learning multiple instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, drums, saxophone and bassoon.  Throughout his youth he played in orchestra and a variety of high school bands where his personal demand to more efficiently communicate his band’s needs sparked his interest in engineering.

This interest paved the way for Jason’s profession and led him to college to study music and music technology.  During this time he began engineering and producing student bands, running the college’s studios and night interning at Shangrila Studios in Atlanta.  With an extensive amount of experience already gained at a young age, Jason obtained a job out of college as chief engineer and manager of Exocet Studios.  Here he engineered records for India Arie, Musiq Soulchild, Sevendust, Sugarland, Sheri Jones-Moffett, Priscilla Renea, Marty Kearns, Daniel Moore, Jennifer Holliday, Gramps Morgan and Shawn Mullins.  It was at Exocet where a pivotal career introduction would be made to Bill Reynolds from indie sensation Band of Horses.  Bill became one of the three most influential people in Jason’s career…”my Uncle John Kingsland showed me to love music, Marty Kearns taught me how to get everyone in the room to love the music, and Bill Reynolds taught me how to communicate my record making in ways so that everyone else loves it.”

It was also during these Exocet years that Jason would garner his first honors.  Three Grammy nominations and one win for India Arie’s “Testimony Vol: 2, Love & Politics” and another Grammy nomination in 2009 for Gospel Album of the Year with Sheri Jones-Moffett’s “Renewed.”  Jason also had the privilege to engineer the American folk rock wonder Lissie’s “Catching A Tiger,” which has gone gold in multiple countries.

Jason has a certain attentiveness and devotion to his craft that really sets him apart.  He engages a general sensitivity to how his engineering and attitude affect the music being made.  “I feel like my greatest asset to any session is being able to keep a vibe and a mood alive when it’s happening in a room and capture it in a manner where that feeling and emotion gets conveyed back through the speakers.”

In recent years Jason has been constantly occupied with his immensely successful music production partnership with Bill Reynolds and the various side projects of the Band of Horses.  He’s also recording his band Soft Continent’s debut album.

Jason Kingsland is managed by King Music Group, Inc.  For bookings contact: Stephanie Wallin 404-403-7553 or stephanie@kingmusicgroup.com.

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